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Welcome to the She Leads event!

This non-competitive, no-pressure event is for women entrepreneurs who want immediate feedback and ideas for a business challenge, idea or question. Entrepreneurs present to a small group of local, supportive experts who will give feedback. Entrepreneur registrations are now closed.

Following the closed-door presentations, tickets are available to the public to join us for a keynote presentation about small business marketing: How to Build a Brand Worth Following!

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022
Arrowwood Lodge
6967 Lake Forest Rd, Baxter MN 56425
1:00pm – 3:00pm: Entrepreneur presentations (closed to the public) and access to the Entrepreneur Expo room (open to entrepreneurs and keynote ticket holders). At the Expo, you can learn about the wealth of local resources and services for entrepreneurs!

3:00pm – 5:30pm: All are invited to the keynote speaker on marketing for small businesses. With your $20 ticket, you'll learn actionable marketing insights for your business, enjoy a happy hour with cash bar, networking with amazing women from around the state, and access to the Entrepreneur Expo featuring services for entrepreneurs! Follow the link below to get your ticket.

We're thrilled to announce our keynote speaker, Dawn Zimmerman! This presentation is open to the public. It's perfect for any business owner who needs insight, ideas and tactical tips for marketing their brand.

Keynote: How to Build a Brand Worth Following
How can you build a brand that engages a following and sells itself? Gain inspiration and practical strategies to take your business to the next level – whether you’re just starting out or looking to go national. The pandemic does not need to slow you down; it may just be what you need to unleash new plans for growth and opportunity. 

About the Speaker: Dawn Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Aficionado
A belief that everyone has a story worth telling led Dawn Zimmerman to initially pursue journalism as a career before taking her passion to building brands.  An award-winning journalist and natural storyteller, Dawn started her own marketing a communications company at the age 26 and became recognized for her ability to develop and implement strategies that drive organizations forward. Most recently as Chief Marketing Officer at Marco, a leading technology company that spans 12 states, she brought together a team to accelerate growth through a lead generation engine and take the brand national. Today, as a consultant and coach, she continues to come alongside organizations of all sizes to help uncover meaningful ways to unleash their brands and create a lasting impact – inside and outside the organization. When she’s not doing all things marketing, Dawn enjoys spending time in the great outdoors (no matter the weather) with her husband and kids, finding new adventures and hearing the latest chapter being written in someone’s story — over a good cup of coffee.

Who are the She Leads panelists?

Julie Anderholm: Business Consultant, SBDC
Andrea Black: Director of Services, Entrepreneur Fund
Nicole Deters: Executive Director, Legal Corps
Kim Ellingson: Region President, Bremer Bank
Becky Estby: Coach, Consultant & Facilitator, Next Monday
Casey Gromer: Marketer, Fractional Integrator & Owner, SHE-Suite Boutique
Jennifer Johnson: Executive Vice President of Acquisitions & Integration, Marco
Cathy Juilfs: President, AIS Planning
Miranda Kishel: Business Developer, Entrepreneur Fund
Ginny Knudson: Attorney, Borden, Steinbauer, Krueger & Knudson, P.A.
Michelle Pape: Coach, Consultant & Facilitator, Next Monday
Susy Prosapio: Business Developer & Entrepreneur
Claudia Revermann: Attorney & CPA, Revermann Law
JoyGenea Schumer: Business Advisor, Solutions by JoyGenea
Molly Solberg: President, MAS Marketing

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